What advertisement sizes are available for sponsorship?
Please see our rate card for multiple variations and prices. Specific sizes for submissions are included in the rate card.

Can I make changes to my advertisement?
Changes can be applied to your advertisement at any point before the print date included on your early proof. Send your changes into changes@habfc.com. This includes any logos, artwork or additional information of your own that you wish to include.

Can my advertisement be printed in color?
All of our advertisements printed within our booklet are printed in black and white. The exception being our Inside Front Cover or Inside Back Cover advertisements. Please see our Rate Card for examples.

Where can I see an example of the book?
Please see a sample book provided on our website
(home page> Browse a sample book in first paragraph)

Where do the books go?
We distribute all throughout Canada. If you are sponsoring a book, that book will be distributed in your local communities. Contact us for a detailed list of those locations accepting our books.

How many times per year are the books published?
We aim to replenish the supply available to our institutions 2-3 times per year based on demand.

Will I receive a copy of a book that I sponsor?
Yes – you will receive a digital copy of your booklet with your advertisement placed inside. Please email reception@habfc.com upon confirmation of participation for a physical copy of your book to be sent to you.

Can I order books for my institution/clinic?
Yes – please contact our HABFC distribution operator Susan at susan@habfc.com

Why am I paying a company in Alberta, when I am not located there?
Your books that your sponsorship was printed in stay local to your area. Our head office is located in Edmonton, Alberta. We also have a satellite office located in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

How can payment be made?
Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard or American Express online or by calling

l-877-413-6163. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and E-transfer are also accepted, please email payments@habfc.com for instructions. Cheques can be made payable to The Hospital Activity Book for Children Ltd and can be mailed to our head office at 10177 – 105 Street Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1E2.

What is your business number?
The business number for The Hospital Activity Book for Children Ltd is 86743 1488